The GOMMAIRE collection showcases top-tier indoor and outdoor fabrics renowned for their exceptional quality. These fabrics are of European origin. The following information will help you understand, maintain, and protect your indoor and outdoor fabrics.



Discover our outdoor fabrics, meticulously woven from the finest quality yarns such as polypropylene and acrylic. With their natural touch and water-repellent, colour-fast properties, these fabrics offer both style and practicality. All our cushions are manufactured with quick-dry foam, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Outdoor cushions can be placed outside during the outdoor season. However, we recommend bringing them inside when you don’t use them during longer periods of humid or wet weather and in winter. If you cannot store them somewhere dry, we recommend placing the cushions upright against the frame so that the water can run off and the cushions dry more easily

Untreated teak furniture may release a reddish-brown substance known as “teak oil” when exposed to higher temperatures, resulting in brown discoloration that can be observed on the bottom of light-coloured cushions. These teak oil stains can be challenging to remove. Additionally, during the initial months before the teak wood has turned grey, it is advisable to only place the cushions on the teak wood frames when in use.

Cushion covers can be easily removed for cleaning. You can wipe down the fabrics with a damp cloth and mild soap at any given time. Even our Gommaire teak cleaner can be used to clean the cushions. Make sure to clean the entire cushion instead of one concentrated area, to avoid any potential colour differences. And if there is any doubt, please test the solution first on a non-visible place on your cushion. After cleaning, make sure to rinse with water thoroughly so the soap is completely removed.

For more stubborn stains, we recommend washing them at 30°C with closed zippers. Afterward, it is best to place the cushion cover slightly damp over the cushion/furniture instead of using the dryer to prevent shrinkage and deformation. Except for our Knelout/Kneloutlux fabrics that include a dirt-resistant finish that is activated by heat. These fabrics can only be left in the dryer for 15 minutes max.



  1. Brush off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric.
  2. Dab (do not rub) liquid spills immediately with a clean, dry cloth should a stain occur. For oil-based spills, apply something absorbent such as corn starch, rice or salt, then remove with a utensil that has a straight edge.
  3. Remove a stain with a cleaning solution of water and mild soap.
  4. When in doubt, test out the solution on a non-visible area on your cushion.
  5. You can best use a sponge or a soft bristle brush (avoid hard bristle brushes or any abrasive cleaning method).
  6. Give soap some time to soak into the fabric.
  7. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residues are gone.
  8. Always air dry partially for covers and completely for canopies before storing or covering.
  9. In wintertime, make sure the cushions are thoroughly dried to avoid the growth of mould, especially when they are stacked together.



Our indoor fabrics are carefully chosen for upholstered furniture, ensuring the highest quality. Each fabric is expertly handcrafted in Europe, ensuring exceptional attention to detail and an unparalleled level of artistry. From 100% natural fibres to premium synthetic blends, our collection offers diverse materials to cater to your unique preferences.

To ensure the longevity and pristine condition of both the fabrics and furniture pieces, we recommend specialized furniture cleaning services, like dry cleaning.