The CL RATTAN baskets and furniture pieces are made of rattan vines which are woven together. When exposed to the elements outdoors, this material develops a charming weathered appearance, adding to its allure. However, the lifespan is limited when exposed to certain weather conditions. Therefore, the CL rattan collection should be considered semi-outdoor resistant. This means that these pieces can be used outdoors in the spring and summer months. The rest of the year, they should be placed indoors or under a covered patio.

To ensure a longer lifetime, we advise cleaning the rattan with a brown soap and water solution each year to maintain flexibility. This brown soap or any kind of natural soap can also be used for regular cleaning. Afterward, we recommend treating the rattan with our GOMMAIRE Teak Protector yearly, making the material more water-repellent. You can use this product in a spray bottle to easily reach the entire surface.

Due to the 100% natural characteristics of the material, variations in colour and thickness may vary between pieces. Similar to wood, natural rattan is a living product. Climate changes, such as temperature and humidity, can make the rattan move, lose its shape, or sometimes pop out. Should this happen, the loose rattan stem can be woven back into place or cut off. If you have any more questions about the material, please contact our service department.