The GOMMAIRE indoor wood collection is made of Teak wood, Teak root structures and French oak. The typical inhouse developed patina colours, such as Authentic Grey, and Fume are signature GOMMAIRE finishes, which is applied by hand in the production. The wood has not been treated to prevent staining, colour changes and weathering. The following information will help you understand, maintain, and protect your furniture.

Our pieces are meticulously handcrafted from solid teak wood, showcasing subtle variations and imperfections that enhance their distinctive beauty and uniqueness. This natural material possesses inherent characteristics and variations in structure and colour that may evolve over time, particularly when exposed to daylight. The wood is sensitive to significant fluctuations in humidity and temperature, potentially leading to the emergence of cracks, fissures, and wood bendings. Nevertheless, these natural changes are not only welcomed but also harmonize seamlessly with the core philosophy of Gommaire. Please consider that if your furniture is placed directly behind a window, it could heat up and cracks could appear more easily. To help the table from drying out, you can use a damp cloth occasionally to bring moisture back into the table.

When moving the wooden furniture around, make sure to always lift and never slide it to prevent breakage. Furniture should always be placed on a flat surface. In situations where achieving a perfectly level surface is not feasible, our tables and side tables come equipped with adjustable furniture levellers


General Maintenance

After unpacking your furniture piece, use a damp cloth to remove dust and any white residue left by the packaging and overseas transport. The wooden surface of our Teak wood and French oak can be cleaned with water and natural soap at any given time. Always make sure to treat the entire surface, local treatments will always remain visible.

For all wooden indoor furniture with an oak or natural grey finish, you can also use the G-SPOTSTOP and the G-PROTECTOR for spot removal and added protection.


Teak protector

G-PROTECTOR is a water-based teak protector that helps shield the surface of our natural grey teak, against water-based stains. You can also use it on our oak furniture pieces. However, it’s important to note that G-PROTECTOR is not full coverage and does not prevent the natural aging that occurs over time.

Avoid excessive soap usage or frequent cleaning, as it can compromise the protective layer. Lastly, never use the protector in combination with Wood Oil as they cancel each other out. These tips will help maintain your furniture’s durability and appearance, preserving its natural beauty.

How to use

Start with placing a protective layer between your piece and the floor. For new furniture, we recommend following these steps. Firstly, gently wipe the entire surface with a lightly damp cloth and allow it to dry for one week before applying the product. This waiting period ensures the best results.

Before applying the teak protector, make sure the entire surface is completely dry and free from dust or dirt particles. Shake before use, then apply a thin layer of teak protector with a soft, lint-free cloth or paintbrush. Wait for a couple of hours before applying a second thin layer once the wood is thoroughly dried. Then again leave the product to dry fully so it accomplishes its optimal effect.

Frequent reapplication of this treatment is necessary due to its water- based nature. To assess the level of protection on the wood, perform a simple water test. If the water forms beads on the surface without being absorbed, it indicates sufficient protection. However, if the water is absorbed by the wood, it indicates that the protection has worn off and reapplication is required.




For more stubborn stains we offer G-SPOTSTOP. As with any stain, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. Prompt removal of stains is crucial for optimal results. Delaying the removal until the following day may reduce its effectiveness. Even if your furniture piece is treated with the G-PROTECTOR.

How to use

Before usage, shake the spray bottle to ensure the proper mixture. Then spray the G-SPOTSTOP approx. 20 cm above the stain. Allow the product to sit for a few minutes. To remove the stain, gently brush it out using a brush or lightly dab it with a cloth. Please avoid rubbing with the cloth, as it causes the stain to absorb into the fibres of the wood.



Our Wood Oil is a water-based wood oil used for indoor wooden furniture. This product provides the furniture piece with a protective layer to prevent certain stains and avoid greying. After applying the oil, the surface is intended to offer a certain level of water and dirt resistance. Additionally, the oil treatment may aid in warding off general wood deterioration. You can repeat the treatment when the effect starts to diminish.

How to use

The oil is to be stirred thoroughly before use. Achieve the desired effect by applying a thin and even coat of oil to the wooden surface, either using a brush or a cloth. It’s important to note that each method yields a distinct outcome. When using a brush, the wood will acquire a rich, deep black hue, while applying the oil with a cloth it will result in a lighter and more nuanced appearance, similar to our anthracite finish. Remove any excess oil from the surface, joints, and grooves, using clean cotton cloths within a maximum of 5 minutes. Let the wood dry for at least 24 hours in a non-humid environment before using it again.