CARE & USE - CANDLES - Gommaire





Our candles are hand cast and made in Belgium. The candle collection consists of candles specifically designed for our glassware, terracotta, and wooden candle holders. Timeless colours like OPAQUE, WHEISCH, MOSS, GREYSCH, and BLACK are always elegant choices when effortlessly combined in interior and exterior spaces, creating a grand atmosphere. The assortment is enhanced by scented candles emanating a refined and comforting aroma.



The first time you light the candle, make sure the wicks are straight and cut to approximately 0.5cm. Let it burn until the surface is fully melted. This prevents your candle from tunnelling and creating a build-up of wax. Dark smoke means the wick is too long and you need to put out the candle. After extinguishing, place the wick in the original vertical position and trim correctly as instructed above. We recommend that the candle is not burned continuously for more than 3 hours to guarantee optimal quality. Afterward, the scent will continue to spread throughout the room for several hours. Don’t burn out the candle all the way to the bottom to prevent the glass from breaking.

Put the candle on a flat and heat-resistant surface and never leave a candle to burn unattended. Avoid putting a candle outside in direct sunlight or near flammable materials. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Instead of blowing out your candle, we recommend using a candle snuffer to prevent smoke or splashing.