The ceramics & stone objects of GOMMAIRE are handmade.

For our ceramics ; the clay is terracotta which has been patinated. The fume patina of the terracotta can vary due to the handmade character from dark to greyish. Besides the fume patina, we introduced last year the authentic terracotta look which has been inspired on weathered ancient terracotta objects from Indonesia.

This year the collection will be enlarged with a very unique range of pots and bowls: green glazed terracotta with bespoke GOMMAIRE design have been made in Morocco. Due to the primitive production process, this collection can only be produced in limited quantities.

The unique patina of the green glaze will vary extremely due to the handmade character. The presence of irregularities and the  typical 3 dots on the surface are specific to the primitive manufacturing way of glazing in the furnace. It gives this product its authentic & unique character. 

The terracotta  is not 100% water proof. We always recommend to use a protective layer or to place a water proof cup inside when using water. The GOMMAIRE ceramic collection is only for inside use!

Our stone objects are carved from Indonesian river stone. The collections covers plates, bowls and torches.

The organic shape refers to the authenticity of the natural stones with variations in size and color.